Monday, February 15, 2010

Eid E-Milad Cards, Milad un-Nabi Mubarak

Eid E-Milad or Milad un-Nabi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad who created the holy book 'Quran' and laid certain teachings for Muslim to follow in their life. Tragically, this day is also the death anniversary of Prophet so the celebration is not observed in all regions. But still ceremonies, animal sacrifice, feast, charity, gifts and few other things are done to celebrate Milad un-Nabi. So, if you are planning to share your wishes and feelings for this great day then do explore our ultimate selection of Eid E-Milad Cards.
eid-milad-un-nabi mubarakEid-e-milad MubarakEid E-Milad Cards



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